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Pipe Adapters-Brass

Recommended for Air, Fuel, Oil, Power Steering & Water Applications. Meets Standard Industry Specifications; Therefore, common tooling can quickly form the flare end on the tube to ensure a leak tight connection.

  • Manufactured to Meet or Exceed O.E.M. Specifications in Function, Form & Fit.
  • We Also Offer a Wide Variety of Thread Variables to Complete Our Coverage.
  • When It Comes to Variety, No One Can Beat Our Selection & Availability.
  • We Offer a Multitude of Configurations and Sizes Certain to Meet Your Needs.
  • Meets ASME & SAE Conformance.

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Part # Product # Description T1 Thread T2 Thread
12FP-12FP-12FP-12FPB 725012325 G60639-1212 12FP-12FP-12FP-12FPB 3950X12 3/4-14 in 3/4-14 in
12FP-12FP-12FPB 725012385 G60640-1212 12FP-12FP-12FPB 3700X12 3/4-14 in 3/4-14 in
12FP-12FP-12MPB 725012485 G60642-1212 12FP-12FP-12MPB 3600X12 3/4-14 in 3/4-14 in
12FP-12FP-8FPB 725017255 G60640-1208 12FP-12FP-8FPB 3/4-14 in 3/4-14 in
12FP-12FPB 725012135 G60631-1212 12FP-12FPB 3300X12 3/4-14 in 3/4-14 in
12FP-12FPB45 725017175 G60635-1212 12FP-12FPB45 3/4-14 in 3/4-14 in
12FP-12FPB90 725012275 G60637-1212 12FP-12FPB90 3500X12 3/4-14 in 3/4-14 in
12FP-12FPXB 725017125 G60632-1212 12FP-12FPXB 3/4-14 in 3/4-14 in
12FP-12MP-12FPB 725012435 G60641-1212 12FP-12MP-12FPB 3750X12 3/4-14 in 3/4-14 in
12FP-8FPB 725017105 G60631-1208 12FP-8FPB 119A-ED 3/4-14 in 1/2-14 in
1-10 of 157 Items

Brass with Benefits.

As leaders in industrial material science, we know the right metals for your applications. Known for its corrosion-resistance and strength, brass provides a safe, durable fitting connection that will maintain in excellent condition for years of reliable service.