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Mini Poly Chain® GT® Carbon™ Timing Belts

This compact polyurethane synchronous belt opens up new opportunities in the design of conveyor drives and is an alternative to roller chains. Mini Poly Chain® GT Carbon™ does not require lubrication or tensioning and is characterised by low noise levels even at high transport speeds. The special construction is highly resistant to aggressive influences such as dust, oil and chemicals.

  • Teeth and body are made of a lightweight polyurethane compound, specially blended for adhesion to the cords and fabric.
  • The carbon fiber tensile cords provide extraordinary power carrying capacity.
  • Flex fatigue life of carbon is exceptional, and its high impact strength withstands shocks and surge loading.

All Parts

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Part # Product # Description Number of Teeth Section Pitch (mm) Width (mm) Material
92701030 8MGT-248-11.2 SPL GGER 31 8M 248 11.2 PU
92701097 8MGT-248-21 SPL GGER 31 8M 248 21 PU
92701124 8MGT-248-36 SPL GGER 31 8M 248 36 PU
92701129 8MGT-248-62 SPL GGER 31 8M 248 62 PU
92701029 8MGT-288-11.2 SPL GGER 36 8M 288 11.2 PU
92701130 8MGT-288-21 SPL GGER 36 8M 288 21 PU
92701131 8MGT-288-36 SPL GGER 36 8M 288 36 PU
92701132 8MGT-288-62 SPL GGER 36 8M 288 62 PU
92701027 8MGT-352-11.2 SPL GGER 44 8M 352 11.2 PU
92701046 8MGT-352-21 SPL GGER 44 8M 352 21 PU
1-10 of 32 Items

Features and Benefits

  • Cut maintenance and downtime.
  • High impact strength.
  • Functions on fixed center drives.
  • No lubrication required.
  • Smooth running roller conveyor.
  • Inert to most acids, chemicals and water.
  • No need for constant re-tensioning.
  • Temperature Range: -54°C to + 85°C.
  • Perfect fit on Poly Chain® GT profile pulleys.
  • Available in 8MGT pitch.