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Poly Chain® GT® Carbon™ 5MGT Timing Belts

Poly Chain® GT® Carbon™ 5MGT uses the original construction which is designed for optimum performance on high torque, low speed drives. Poly Chain® GT® Carbon™ 5MGT belts are ideally suited for use in machine tool, roller chain, small conveyors and compact drives where space is a problem. This new construction provides the highest capacity and accuracy combination possible in a compact drive.

  • Durable high temperature polyurethane construction resists chemicals, oil, pollutants and abrasion.
  • Gates patented curvilinear tooth profle provides high shear strength and improved load carrying capacity.
  • Nylon tooth facing reduces friction and eliminates the need for lubrication.

All Parts

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Part # Product # Description Number of Teeth Section Pitch (mm) Width (mm) Material
92706002 5MGT-300-15 60 5MGT 300 15 PU
92706004 5MGT-300-25 60 5MGT 300 25 PU
92706001 5MGT-300-09 60 5MGT 300 9 PU
92706014 5MGT-375-25 100 5MGT 500 25 PU
92706012 5MGT-375-15 100 5MGT 500 9 PU
92706022 5MGT-425-15 127 5MGT 635 15 PU
92706021 5MGT-425-09 127 5MGT 635 9 PU
92706024 5MGT-425-25 140 5MGT 700 9 PU
1-8 of 8 Items

Features and Benefits

  • Robust carbon tensile cord combines minimal stretch with extraordinary strength while absorbing shock and surge loads.
  • Poly Chain performance on compact drives.
  • High efficiency and accuracy positive drive.
  • Maintenance free.
  • Easily handle shock loads.
  • Inert to most acids, chemicals and water.
  • No need for re-tensioning.
  • Temperature Range: -54°C to + 85°C.
  • Perfect fit on PowerGrip® GT 5MR profile pulleys.
  • Available in 5MGT pitch.