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Extended Length PowerGrip® GT™2 Linear Belting

Long-length PowerGrip® GT™2 belting is a cost effective, low maintenance drive alternative. The PowerGrip® GT™2 belt tooth is designed for use with a specific sprocket groove profile. The sprocket groove-belt tooth combination increases capacity, while improving registration.

  • Eliminates lubrication and re-tensioning to reduce maintenance and labor as compared to roller chain drives.
  • Fiberglass tensile cord provides high strength, excellent flex life, and high resistance to elongation.
  • Steel tensile cord is available in some belt types for added length stability.

All Parts

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Part # Product # Description Section Pitch (mm) Profile Width (mm) Roll Length (m) Material
9396-00009 LL2MR06 LL-GT GT 6 182 CR
9396-00052 LL2MR09 LL-GT GT 9 11887 CR
LL2MR04 / LL2MR04 93960033 LL2MR04 2 GT 4
LL3MR06 / LL3MR06 93960002 LL3MR06 3 GT 6
LL3MR09 / LL3MR09 93960012 LL3MR09 3 GT 9
LL3MR15 / LL3MR15 93960021 LL3MR15 3 GT 15
LL5MR09 / LL5MR09 93960020 LL5MR09 5 GT 9
LL5MR15 / LL5MR15 93960025 LL5MR15 5 GT 15
LL5MR15ST / LL5MR15 ST 939610043 LL5MR15 ST 5 GT 15
LL5MR25ST / LL5MR25 ST 939640417 LL5MR25 ST DUMFRIES 5 GT 25
1-10 of 17 Items

Features and Benefits

  • Fully operational in temperature extremes of -35°F to +180°F (-34°C to +82°C).
  • Neoprene body provides protection against grime, grease, oil, and moisture.
  • Nylon tooth facing provides a durable wear surface for long service life.
  • PowerGrip® GT™2 has more tooth ratchet resistance than HTD®.