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Product # 85410137

Designed for problematic, heavy-duty, high-vibration applications that require belt sets. The PowerBand® technology joins belts to operate as a single unit for improved stability and even load distribution, with a secure strand fit into the sheave groove.

  • Unique tensile cord design gives belt extra strength, added flexibility, and shock-load resistance.
  • Molded notches reduce bending stress, especially on small diameter pulleys, while dissipating heat.
  • Even load distribution between strands provides better shock-load absorption.
  • Product Details
    Part #
    Product # 85410137
    Description 2/9770PB
    UPC 770075248422
    Top Width Per Strand (in) .5
    Top Width Per Strand (mm) 13
    Effective Length (in) 77.11
    Effective Length (mm) 1959
    Notched true
    Outside Circumference (in) 77.75
    Outside Circumference (mm) 1974
    Section HC50
    Number of Strands 2
    Top Width (in) 1.125
    Top Width (mm) 28
    Angle 36
  • Packaging details
    Customer Pack 1
    Weight (lbs.) 0.9


You'll find Gates Green Stripe® belts working hard in fleet engines all over the world, driving heavy-duty vehicle applications with maximum performance under the most demanding driving conditions. We engineer our Green Stripe® PowerBand® belts to outperform the competition, operating with exceptional efficiency at the lowest cost-per-mile on the market.

Features and Benefits

  • Meets RMA oil and heat resistant standards and static conductivity requirements.
  • Belt cannot turn over or slip off drive.
  • Meets or exceeds SAE J1459 specifications.


We do more than engineer our Green Stripe® belts to service your fleets up to four times longer than other aftermarket belts. We build long-lasting relationships with our customers, distributors, and OEM partners along the way. Whether you need help determining which Gates solution is best for your application or you need to customize your Green Stripe® PowerBand® belt construction, our team of passionate experts and powerful solutions are always here to make your business even better.