Gates Complete Serpentine Calculators

This Serpentine Kit Calculator was designed to compute potential earnings from selling of Gates Complete Serpentine Kits as opposed to just the individual accessory components.

If you are a Shop Owner, a Service Writer or a Technician, we have a calculator designed just for you! Click on one of the links below to find out how much you can earn by selling The Gates Complete Serpentine Kits. 


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Who Are You?

Gates Corporation

Shop Owners: calculate how much you could potentially earn by selling Gates Complete Kits in your shop and find out how much it will limit returns.

Serpentine Kit Calculator for Shop Owners
Gates Corporation

Technicians: check out how much you could earn by installing Gates® Complete Kits instead of just the serpentine belt.

Serpentine Kit Calculator for Technicians
Gates Corporation

Service Writers: see how much you could earn by selling a Gates® Complete Kits to your customers over individual components.

Serpentine Kit Calculator for Service Writers