Preventing Premature Cooling System Water Pump Failure

Keeping the cooling system free of debris and corrosion prevents premature water pump failure. Do not mix coolants, and properly flush the system to remove contaminants.

Read a PK Number On a ABDS Serpentine Belt

Learn how to read a PK number on a serpentine belt. The PK number is a worldwide standard metric belt measurement printed next to the manufacturer's part number on the belt.

Backflow Prevention in a PowerClean Flush Tool

A Backflow Preventer (BP) is a required component of the Gates PowerClean Flush Tool. The BP is used to safely discharge back pressure in order to protect the water supply system piping from potential pressure damage and contamination.

Diagnosing Tensioner Failure in an Accessory Belt Drive System

Automatic belt tensioners contain internal components that can fail. Learn how to diagnose these failures as well as various causes of accessory component failure.

Automotive Engine Serpentine System Maintenance

Failing to inspect and maintain the serpentine system in 2006-2013 BMW models with the N52 or N54 engine can result in catastrophic engine damage.

Water Pump Failure Signs

Do you know the signs of water pump failure? These images will help you identify deposits/calcium buildup, rust/corrosion, cavitation, and chemical etching.

Automotive Sealant Use During Water Pump Replacement

See how improper sealant usage can lead to premature water pump failure.

Installing the CVT Belt Drive System

Follow these steps to clean your CVT sheaves and properly break in your CVT belt for maximum belt life and performance.

Accessory Belt Drive System: Belt Inspection Changes

Learn how to diagnose when your ABDS belt needs maintenance or replacement.

Timing Belt Tensioner Installation and Setup

Follow these steps to correctly install your Gates timing belt tensioner, part number T43143.

Selecting The Correct Timing Component Kit

See which Gates timing component kits are right for your vehicle's synchronous belt drive system.